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Weed & Grounds Control

Non-Selective Herbicide for year round control.
Available in 55 gal. drums / 20 gal. keg / 5 gal. pail (minimum of 2 pails)

Concentrated Weed Killer
For bare ground control. Works through foliage & root action. Destroys hardest to kill perennials. Dilute 10 to 1 with water.

RTU Weed Killer
Ready to Use, non-selective weed killer for bare ground control. Works through foliage & root system, destroying the entire weed! No mixing required.

Weed & Grounds control year round!

Granular Weed Killer
Available in 100 lb box / 50 lb box. Non-selective herbicide - no residual action.

Aquatic Weed Killer
Controls aquatic plants in ponds, lakes, and drainage ditches.