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ECL900 Gear Oil


Extreme Pressure / Multi-Purpose

Available Weights SAE: 80w/90, 85w/140, 90, 140 ECL900 is so versatile

  • Will not attack brass.
  • Longer life which lowers operating costs.
  • Excellent load carrying abilities.
  • Will not emulsify.
  • Fortified with tackifiers to provide climbing ability, eliminating dry starts.
  • Excellent cohesive and adhesive properties.
  • Versatile, can be used in all types and designs of enclosed rears.
  • Will not thicken and has excellent pumpability in cold weather.

Product Description

ECL900 has excellent adhesive qualities which give the lubricant the ability to cling tenaciously to metal surfaces, allowing it to follow the gears instantly at start-up to provide immediate protection and prevent "dry starts". ECL900 contains refined base oils selected for their exceptional resistance to oxidation and are highest in natural Viscosity Index. They also possess tough film strength to keep metal surfaces separated, and are best in inherent moisture resistance. ECL900 is further enhanced with a sulfur/phosphorous additive package that increases its load carrying properties providing superior anti-wear and anti-scuff lubrication, even under severe conditions. This powerful additive package also provides maximum rust, corrosion, and oxidation resistance. An anti-foam agent breaks entrapped air bubbles as they form, keeping operating temperatures low, meaning less pressure build-up, and control of acid formation, making seals remain pliable and last longer.

Industry Users

  • Steel & Slag
  • Quarries
  • Paper Plants
  • Manufacturers
  • All Heavy Equipment
ECL900 has excellent adhesive qualities


  • Shakers & Screens
  • Planetaries
  • Speed Reducers
  • Differentials
  • Enclosed Gears