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Cleaners & Degreasers

Packaged in 55 gal. drum / 30 gal. drum / 5 gal. pail
Additional water and solvent based products available. Call for details!

Citrusafe 2000
Non-Butyl Multi- Purpose Cleaner

Unique blend of wetting agents blended with a natural citrus solvent that penetrates soil to the surface, breaking the bond to provide residue-free rinsing. Concentrated formula is dilutable with water, making it very economical to use. Completely biodegradable!

Removes: Inks, Grease, Carbon, Soot, Tar, and Dyes.

Spontaneous Emulsifier
Ultra-Sonic & Soak Tank Solution

Tremendous results in heavy duty industrial locations and food processing plants. Concentrated formula is unsurpassed in removing all types of grease and oil. Registered under USDA Category A-1. Completely Biodegradable!

Applications: Automatic Scrubbers, Steam Cleaners, Soak Tanks, Ultra-Sonic Cleaning, Pressure Washers, and Spray Cleaning.

Economical Cleaner & Degreaser

A general purpose water based cleaner and degreaser. Powerful detergents, emulsifiers, and water soluble solvents penetrate and break down tough greases and soils, suspending them in solution to be rinsed away, residue free! Ideally suited for all industrial cleaning jobs!

Applications: Floors, Walls, Kitchens, Engines, Machinery, Painted Surfaces, and Concrete.

Swypers Industrial Hand & Tool Wypes
Hand & Tool Towels

Swypers Industrial Hand & Tool Wypes

Pre-moistened towels provide easy and effective waterless cleaning. Awesome product for any outside industry.

Effectively Cleans:  Inks, Oils, Tar, Permatex, Graphite, Grease, Paints, Adhesives, Putty, and Asphalt

Generation 2000 Electro-Clean
Effective Replacement for Trich 111

This is it, the replacement you've been looking for. Evaporates Immediately / Residue Free. Ideal for all your residue-free degreasing needs, including electronics. Strong solvent power and low surface tension quickly dissolves and removes encrusted dirt, grease, oxides and other contaminants. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residual. Non-flammable. Contains an HCFC blend.