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Environmental Chemicals & Lubricants Co. complete product line allows unparalleled single source purchasing of the finest MRO Products ( maintenance, repair, and operations) available today. Our company was developed in the early 1990's to provide maintenance products that complied with stringent regulatory restrictions. We perfected our new millennium formulas to give you, our valued customer, the best in new technology and performance. As a bonus, we also enhanced your workplace by using environmentally and user friendly formulas. We are regulated, and blend our products using compliant batch records, retaining samples to ensure that our customers are receiving quality products each and every shipment.

We also understand maintenance budgets are running at an all-time low, and our promise to ship your orders within 48 hours, remains one of our top priorities. This lean approach allows your company to make better use of financial responsibilities, and does not restrict your valuable cash flow with large inventories.

MRO. Maintenance, Repair, Operations. In industry, proper management of these three letters can mean the difference between success and failure. The sophistication level of today's equipment and machinery, along with the ever increasing pressure to optimize both performance and cost, makes it an even more difficult challenge. When faced with this daunting task, the Industrial Maintenance Professional cannot afford to be shortsighted with regard to the products chosen for keeping the wheels of industry in motion. Industrial products simply must perform their function so well they reduce down time, labor, and extend usable life. From working on a truck to an electric motor to a cutting tool to a shop floor, these products are an essential element for ensuring an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Sophisticated equipment requires more than just a handful of products. The days when a couple of products would run the shop have long passed. A successful program must provide a wide variety of products to meet specific applications; but performance is not the only requirement anymore. Meeting environmental, regulatory, and safety specifications is mandatory as well. From degreasers to lubricants, the bar has been raised. Our Industrial Program is designed to provide the best all around performance possible for the widest range of applications.